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Alligaclip™ Absorbable Ligating Clips Endoscopic Surgery Clip K12

  • Place of Origin Place of Origin
  • Brand Name AlligaClip
  • Certification ISO13485
  • Model Number K12, K1202, K1203


1.Dual-layer clip lock mechanism. Latch on distal end of outer layer locks with the distal notch of inner layer to secure the clip,locking both layers together and ensuring ligating security.

2.Distal end closure.The two-part compression closure mechanism ensure inclusion of the blood vessel in the clip and prevents the vessel from slipping out during the ligating process.

3.Closing sequence may provide a more secure closure than latch closure mechanisms by reducing the risk of tissue interposition.

4. Radiotransparent.The clips do not interfere with the magnetic field of X-ray,CT or MRI scans.

5.Innovative package design with build-in desiccant to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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Product Use:

For ligation of cystic duct, arterial vessel with diameter of 5 mm or below.

Product Highlights:

With a dual-layer structure, complete degradation and absorption in 39 weeks, degradation products of water and carbon dioxide.

Device Classification:

[CN] Class III



Specification Description:

Different specifications represent 1, 2 and 3 clips in a package, respectively

Storage Conditions:

The product shall be stored  in a cool, dry, well-ventilated and clean room without corrosive gas.And do not place it in an environment exceeding 40℃.

Product Specification

Product name

AlligaClipTM Absorbable Ligating Clip


Open the paper-plastic package, take out the product and use it with the special clip applier.

Country of origin


Product structure and composition

Consists of four parts, namely inner card, outer card, barrel and plunger, in which the inner card and outer card are implantable parts, and the barrel and plunger assist the inner card and outer card to be implanted into human body.


1pc/bag,2pcs/bag,3pcs/bag(sterilized package)

Retention in the body

Degradable and absorbable

Visual identity

The inner and outer layers are designed in two distinct colors. The effect of clipping the tube cavity of the inner and outer layers is clear at a glance, avoiding misjudgment in actual using.

Product design

The raw material of the inner part is poly-dioxanone, which has good hydrophilicity and softness. It has no acute angle, which could avoid blood vessels damage or other tissue hazards.The two arms of the inner clip are provided with alternating rack, which is conducive to increasing the friction between the inner clip and the tubular tissue, so that the clamping is more firm and less falling off occurs.


The product is for single use; it is not designed to be used in case of damaged package.

The product must not be used by unskilled or untrained personnel.

Shelf life

2 years

Figure 1.Absorption rate curves of outer and inner circlips products

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