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Pacesetter™ Multiple Ligating Clip Reusable Applier Replaceable Cartridge

  • Place of Origin Made in China
  • Brand Name Pacesetter(TM) Multiple Ligating Clip Reusable Applier
  • Certification ISO13485
  • Model Number MCA-12CL, MCA-10CM, MCA-10CS


1. A simulated use extraction study was conducted to evaluate the safety of its unknown/target leachables, which proved that the target/unknown leachables contained in the product was lower potential safety risk to humans;

2. Cytotoxicity, sensitization, intracutaneous reactivity, pyrogen, acute systemic toxicity, genotoxicity, subchronic systemic toxicity and implantation experiments were performed. It proved that biocompatibility of the product meets the requirements of expected use and regulations;

3. Novel and creative.
Multiple Ligating Clip Reusable Applier1btb


Product Use:

Used for delivering and clamping non-absorbable polymer ligating clip through specific size of trocar in laparoscopic surgery

Product Highlights:

The product can be used for continuous clip application; is reusable; can be converted to install the multiple ligating clip cartridge; can be directly cleaned without disassembly after use.

Device Classification:

[CN] Class II [KR] Class I


Stainless Steel, PEEK, Silica Gel

Specification Description:

MCA-12CL: Large MCA-10CM: Medium MCA-10CS: Small

Storage Conditions:

Store in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity, no corrosive gas, room temperature.

Product Specification


Check whether the device is cleaned, sterilized and packaged in good condition before use. Clip application should be performed by experienced medical staff. After using the clip applier, pull the reset button to return it to its original position and press the lock catch to remove the empty cartridge. See the IFU for details.

Product advantages

Multiple ligating clips can be placed continuously to save surgical time;

After the ligating clips are used up, reloading is allowed;

The product is reusable, which is more convenient and economical.

Product structure and composition

Composed of a proboscis, a joint and a handle.


1. The product must be cleaned and sterilized in a timely manner after use, and the device is not required to be disassembled during the cleaning and sterilization process;
2. Avoid using corrosive solution to clean and sterilize the product; Avoid heavy pressure or impact on various components of the device;
3. Please confirm the model and brand of ligating clip and select the appropriate multiple clip applier for use.


Inspect the delivery/clamping trigger for smooth movement and no obvious deformation/defect of jaw before daily use; it is recommended to send it to the manufacturer for maintenance once a year.