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AlligaClip™ Reusable Clip Applier for Absorbable Ligating Clips

  • Place of Origin Made in China
  • Brand Name Alligaclip(TM) Reusable Clip Applier
  • Certification ISO13485
  • Model Number ECA-480K12、ECA-380K12、ECA-280K12


1. For ligation of cystic duct, arterial vessels with diameter of 5mm or below;

2. Convenience: after cleaning and sterilization, there's no need to disassemble every part of the applier;

3. Security: 1.Compression closure mechanism may provide a more secure closure than latch closure mechanism, reducing the risk of tissue interposition; 2.No foreign matters left after surgery.



Product Use:

Used in laparoscopic surgery to deliver AlligaclipTM absorbable ligating clip.

Product Highlights:

It can be cleaned directly without disassembly after use, and the trigger can be activated with a locking buckle to prevent the wrong clamping.

Device Classification:

[CN] Class II [KR] Class I


Stainless Steel, PPS, Silica Gel

Specification Description:

ECA-480K12: shaft length of 480 mm ECA-380K12: shaft length of 380 mm ECA-280K12: shaft length of 280 mm

Storage Conditions:

Store in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity, no corrosive gas, room temperature.

Product Specification


Check whether it is clean, sterilized and packed well before use, and must be operated by experienced medical staff, see the IFU for details.

Product advantages

It can be cleaned directly without disassembly after use, and the trigger can be activated with a locking buckle to prevent the wrong clamping.

Product structure and composition

Consists of proboscis, joint and handle. Proboscis is composed of a rotation shaft, a Ejector pin and a jaw with spring buckle. Joint is composed of rotating wheel, flushing valve and sealing cap, and the handle is composed of a fixing handle, a firing handle, an end cap, a lock button and a gill shaft screw.


1. The clip applier must be cleaned and disinfected in a timely manner after use, and the device is not required to be disassembled during the cleaning and disinfection process;

2. Avoid using corrosive solution to clean and disinfect the applier; Avoid heavy pressure or impact on various components of the device;

3. The clip applier shall keep the lock button in the locked state after cleaning and disinfection, and continuously maintain this state, so as to avoid causing early misfiring;

4. This clip applier is only applicable to the Company’s absorbable ligating clip products;

5. The product has no continuous firing function.


Prior to daily use, check whether the firing handle moves smoothly, the lock button is normal, the ejector pin has no obvious deflection, the ejecting height meets the scale loop line, the rotating wheel operates smoothly, and the release button is normal.