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QueuesClip ™ Multiple Non Absorbable Polymer Ligating Clips

  • Place of Origin Made in China
  • Brand Name QueuesClip(TM) Non-absorbable Polymer Multiple Ligating Clips
  • Certification ISO13485
  • Model Number NLC-CL-2, NLC-CL-3, NLC-CL-4, NLC-CL-5, NLC-CL-6 NLC-CM-2, NLC-CM-3, NLC-CM-4, NLC-CM-5, NLC-CM-6 NLC-CS-2, NLC-CS-3, NLC-CS-4, NLC-CS-5, NLC-CS-6


1.  The two clip arms are attached at one end by an elastic construction and are locked at the other; in the event that the clipping fails, it can be reopened;

2. One end of the two clip arms is connected by an elastic structure, the other end is a locking structure. If clipping failed, it can be opened again;

3. Innovative medical devices, exclusive production patent.

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Product Use:

For ligating blood vessels and tubular tissues during surgery;

Product Highlights:

The substance is stable and safe, ligates quickly and firmly, works well with tubular tissue that has a range of tube diameters, can be applied continuously, and does not interfere with imaging tests.

Device Classification:

[CN] Class III [KR] Class



Specification Description:

The clamped tubular tissue tube diameter ranges for the large, medium, and small sizes are as follows: Large: 3-10 mm, Medium: 2-7 mm, Small: 1-3 mm. The models are separated into three categories: large, medium, and small. Each category has five distinct filling volumes, ranging from two to six pieces in a package.

Storage Conditions:

The product shall be stored in a dry, corrosive-gas-free and well-ventilated room.

Product Specification


Physicians must choose the right ligating clip model and specification based on the size of tubular tissues or vessels, insert the clips into a specialized multiple clip applier, enter the body to clamp the target tissues, and then apply the ligating clips continuously for clipping.

Product advantages

The product features strong tenacity, good safety and stability, and the capacity to apply clips continuously.

Product structure and composition

Consists of a closing clip, a cover plate and a base


It is recommended that this product be used with the multiple clip applier made by the company. Please use the product within the indicated shelf life; it is not intended to be re-sterilized or re-used. Before using, please check the integrity of the package; if any damage is found, it should not be used. Drop, impact, and forced disassembly of products shall be avoided.

Shelf life

5 years