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Single Reusable Ligating Clip Applier For Polymer Clips

  • Place of Origin Made in China
  • Brand Name Single Clip Reusable Applier
  • Certification ISO13485
  • Model Number ECA-10L, ECA-10M, ECA-5S,KFQ-10L,KFQ-10M,KFQ-5S


1. The new applier is set with a sealing ring on the outside of the inner shaft at the other end of the rotation shaft , which is used to separate the front clipping part from the back transmission part, to avoid that front clipping part might pollute or influence the back transmission part;

2. When establishing artificial pneumoperitoneum, the sealing ring is beneficial to enhance the air tightness of laparoscopic applier;

3. At the end of the near tip of the returning mechanism is provided with a sealing gasket to form the second sealing, which seals between the front clipping part &the back transmission part and flushing path&the back transmission part, in order to prevent the failure of the first sealing.


Product Use:

As a device for delivery and closure, the product is designed to deliver and clamp the single clip through trocar with specific size.

Product Highlights:

The product has economical price, stable performance and function of single clip application for one time.

Device Classification:

[CN] Class II [KR] Class I


Stainless Steel, PPS, Silica Gel

Specification Description:

Three models are used with the application of large, medium and small ligating clips

Storage Conditions:

Store in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity, no corrosive gas, room temperature.

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Product Specification


Check whether it is clean, sterilized and packed well before use, and must be operated by experienced medical staff, see the IFU for details.

Product advantages

The product has affordable price, reliable and safety quality

Product structure and composition

It consists of a tip, a rod and a handle.


1. The product must be cleaned and sterilized in a timely manner after use, and the device is not required to be disassembled during the cleaning and sterilization process;

2. Avoid using corrosive solution to clean and sterilize the product; Avoid heavy pressure or impact on various components of the device;

3. Do not forcefully insert the applier into the base of the single clip.

4. Please confirm the model and brand of single clip and select the appropriate single clip applier for use.


Inspect the delivery/clamping trigger for smooth movement and no obvious deformation/defect of jaw before daily use; it is recommended to send it to the manufacturer for maintenance once a year.